Vlog 2 : Getting To Know Each Other 2/3

Well, that was passionate lol! I got a story about that too, my passion and immense amount thereof. My Mom can tell you better than me. It’s her story as much as mine ❤︎. Ok…so yes, I talked about the differences and some of the similarities between then and now. ‘And again, this comes from a perspective such as mine. From a designers point of view and getting back into it again. I can also guess there are many of you wanting to get into the design industry. There are many ways…wonderful ways you can express yourself creatively and create an income as well. I have a perspective in this case two fold. On one side I can say “Iv’e been there.” Seeing I got my start in 2006 and then there’s the now. Albeit slow at times and backwards at others…All that I do now? It’s my baby. All my own in this new era and times. Things are different and, wow…I just feel I could help someone in the least bit as there may be someone else’s son depending on them to stay tuff through it. Little things to know are more things you know right? Okay, so I say ‘ef’ that video. It’s just one step on letting go of past stuff. ‘Because getting into new things looks way more fun anyway!

Moving on with my life, for the third time brahahaaaahahahaaa!!!!

What about the last video, video No. 3? It’s definitely happening! But, after I get my voice back. That, and I’d like to be able to “see” what I’m doing. My eyes are near shut from allergies like what the what? I haven’t had it this bad since I was in school. Anyway. I’m a mess so I’ll spare you ^_^ Oh…and just in case any of you are concerned for my life, thank you…I’m ok ^_^

Alrighty, I will be back super soon with a video that involves…drum roll………





That would be correct darlings. I would like you to join me in my next video as I’d like us to begin our beginning. No need to do much other that have a piece a paper, pencil or pen. If you could muster a blank notebook (lined paper) then that would be super too. Just tuck them away for us and we will get there in the next video.

Thanks to you, I do what I dooooo! So thank you 🥰

Warm Creative wishes, ~Karla

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  • Hello! It is ALWAYS so good to see you. I’ve watched both videos and am looking forward to the next. Your honesty is so refreshing – lots of smoke and mirrors out there. I’m not the greatest at checking and keeping up with social media, but am very glad I found you again. I will head over to the Digital Press to see what I have missed. Your designs are timeless and I can’t wait to see all your future success!

    • Wow…thank you sweetheart …I ate 𝘢𝘭𝘭 that up. Thank you! I think I’m going to be smiling behind my mask all day today ^_^ …and tomorrow too 😘 So glad I found 𝘺𝘰𝘶!