Vlog 1 : Getting To Know Each Other 1/3

So, yes my creative darlings, that’s how I got started in all this and a bit about where it has taken me over the years. I hope I’ve filled in some blanks for you all… It really has been a while you guys. ‘And as I mentioned in the video, I would most likely miss something and I can NOT believe It slipped my mind to mention that I am a Silhouette designer. Been one since 2010! Wow, like DUH Karla! lol…

It’s a new month. #happymay btw!!!! A new fresh vibe in my veins. Right on time too as I simply can NOT write another note, another brainstorm, idea, draft whatever. Basically, I can’t be more ready and not all at the same time ^_^ Now is the moment for me…US to begin once more. Yes? Yeah. Right on. Let’s get to know each other better!

Below is a list of links of all the “stuff” I mentioned in my video for you guys. As I said, some things are dissolved but others, like my old-old blog, are still up! Rad. 



Create Something Today.


Making Memories – closed

Heidi Swapp

Elmer’s Glue (lol)


Adobe Photoshop

After 5 Designs – closed

Crate Paper (sincerely want to design for them…just sayin’)

October Afternoon

Technique Tuesday

Creative Memories

Echo Park

Stampin’ Up!


Tiffany Tillman

Krafting with Karla – closed…for now ^_^

CHA/now Creativation

Veronica (Vee) Jennings

The Digital Press

Pop Dots (Hahaaaaa!!!!!)


Tomorrow will be Vlog 2. I hope you all stop on by and view it!  I’m going to be talking about some things that effect all of us so I would really love it if you guys come back for that. Until then, here is how you can (if you have not already) stay in touch with me so you don’t miss any KN ^_^


Instagram | designart

Facebook | design, art

KN Newsletter



As always and forever, thank you SO much! Be back super soon, have a wonderful rest of the night guys. Here’s to getting to know each other once again or for the first time. #kachow


With Creative Wishes & Love, Karla


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  • I watched! Can’t wait for the next installment! Also took a look at your old blog and the old pages that are timeless and swoon-worthy.

    • Oh ok so you’re trying to make my night eh?! Love you so much L…thank you ^_^

  • Hi Sweetheart, so so nice to SEE you! You know how TELL the story of your journey, that’s for sure! I was glued to the screen! Anyway, I am still around, and following your journey, as you sure know. Although my life also had a few major changes, I still love that crafty thing we do! Cannot wait to see what I coming next for you!

    • You too and you’re post this morning. HB day to him and if your struggles led you to so much beauty then so be it!

  • Ari Macias says:

    Ok. I might have screamed a little when I saw this. I love that you are unapologetically YOU:) the roads might be winding and twisted and straight up crazy but they have taken you to where YOU need to be. The Universe is kind and all the things happen to make you who you are RIGHT NOW.
    Let’s do this!!!!!!

    • Dude you gave me SUCH the pump up right now!! Like Right On!!!!!! Let’s do this indeed! 😘😘😘😘😘🙌🏽