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It’s already the 20th!!!! Oh my goodness time is kind of flying by for me over here guys. How about you? Is 2022 looking closer to you than you thought it would? It’s been that way, for me, for the past several years now. Slow, at times, yes. Sluggish even, especially when you were living in a Rasta Van. However, at the end of the day – after each one of those lighting years, I’m left thinking, ‘where did Time go?’


Which brings me to My Word of The Year (WOTY) : Time.

To make a very long novel shorter…time has been both a giver to me and a taker. A confuser and a magnifying glass. A will tester and a beacon of hope. It’s strong, my ebb-and-flow with Time. Time and I have always had that fickle kind of relationship. In future posts I’d like to talk more as it has such an impact on all of us. I would love to open up the dialogue on Time and how it fits within each of our lives.

Now, with all that said…I’m late. On pretty much everything. (For those of you thinking what you have every reason to think, no, I’m not that kind of late lol! No more kiddos coming from this vessel let me tell you!) I’m late getting you your kits, late opening things up here on this site, late catching up on current events with you guys, late spreading my passionate message…all those creative, artsy, yarn-y, social, storytelling things. Man, I haven’t even finished my logo and brand build. I’m not too thrilled having my hair look like it’s attached by a pop-dot, at best…so yeah…still things to do ^_^

I realize Time is kinda winning right now. ‘And you know what? That’s completely Okay. It’s going to have to be. As I’m in a relationship with time. With that comes certain irritating understandings that I just have to deal with. Tech stuff, life stuff, can only happen if the Gods have it specifically out to get me kind of stuff…So, I’m giving myself a break. Catching up bit-by-bit. Noticing how things have changed in this creative world since I’ve left. Smiling at some of the things that haven’t. Rad.


In my effort to get back on track while giving my self some breathing room, I’m starting the ‘catch-up’ with new designs that I should have mentioned at the beginning of this month. With all the things going on, I am just now getting to The Digital Press’ Monthly collaboration kit that I participated in before Pennysaver even kicked off. This February we cooked up: KINDNESS

Kindness | A Feb. 2021 TDP Collaboration

Here is my contribution:

Karla Noél DesignKarla Noél Design


[kits used: Kindness, KN Touch font]

Perfect as this month is literally Random Acts of Kindness (#RandomActsOfKindness) month and this just happens to be the last day of Random Acts of Kindness week. With this month centered around being kind, celebrating Black culture and Self Love…this collab just fits! …sigh…luvs.

As with all monthly store collaborations at The Digital Press, this kit is a collection with contributions from most all the designers to build one big huge mega kit. It’s priced ridiculously low for the entire month — just $3! Through February only, just sayiiiiiing. Enjoy.


Rain and Me | 2.20.2021 | karlanoeldesign.com

[kits used: Kindness, KN Touch font]

Rain, is getting older. He’s also exhibiting little bits of his personality that seem like they’re going to stick. Traits that are in repeat that we’re taking notice of. I’m hopeful he’ll carry these ‘traits’ on into his older years…becoming permanent parts of his character. As the days turn into months, he is showing us just how kind his heart really is. Thought, care and such comprehension this boy exhibits to us daily. Three things he does constant is share his toys, food and his rocks.

#RainComrade | 2.2021 | karlanoeldesign#RainComrade | 2.2021 | karlanoeldesign

A couple days ago Rain was enjoying the ‘concept’ of eating his string cheese. He found it more fun to play with it at the time I think, lol! Almost parading that cheese around like it was a stick of solid gold. Then, the cheese was old news and he got to doing his classic act, sharing his found rocks.

I’ve built up quite the collection! This boy is serious about two things: his wheels and his rocks. Every time we go out to play, he finds a rock or two to share. The others he puts down a sewer drain hole, but yeah…it’s the BEST! Super sweet. I love the way he looks when he kneels down to pick them up. Very specific in his choices too, I might add. I love his voice when he lets out Rain sounds while jogging the rock over to me. The grin his face when he reaches his hand up to my open one. Then the “Gah” sound he does when he successfully dropps it into my palm. It’s the same every time. It’s welcomed every time. I look forward to it every time. I save each rock every time. I hope he reads this one day and knows that I will never forget and cherish these times with him. These young months. Where he goes out of his way to show his kindness to another. Every. Single. Time.

You all have a good one. I better go. I could talk forever. Can you imagine? If Van windows could speak…

Be right back,

With creativity and love, Karla




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  • Araceliz Macias says:

    Ohhhhhh how I love you 😘

  • Laura O’Donnell says:

    Time is a good word. The beginning of January fast forwarded to the end of Feb for us, too. We are news junkies so that doesn’t help.
    These new kits are awesome. I could pick your stuff out of a lineup any day.
    And your little guy is absolutely adorable.

    • Hahaha!!!! I was kinda thinking my portion stuck out…a bit 😬🤪…𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘓𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘢! 🥰💋💜

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