Pathways | digital photo print


I love how we each have our own unique paths of life we take. Wether we fall into our path lived or if chosen, they are all our own. The imperfectly perfect flow of it all and how our paths end up bumping and crossing one another’s making way for new life and journeys, fascinates me. This photo depicts this for me. I hope you find a sense of grounded thankfulness in this piece–as I do. Enjoy.

The Walk | 2/3

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Pathways | digital photo print

The second picture of three on that special walk in San Diego. This photo had no justice done until it was set in black and white. I didn’t want any distractions from the imperfect pathways set on the leaves by nature. Reminds me of our own unique destinies. How our paths are rarely strait. They bump up against and cross each other, giving way to new connections, relationships and life.

  • 1 Original Digital Print | 3600×3600 pixels in size at 300 dpi. (for square frames)
  • 1 Original Digital Print | 2550 x 3300 at 300 dpi (for portrait frames)
  • Digitally signed Information Card


  • This is a digital file. A physical print will not be mailed.
  • Each print (square and portrait) can be resized some to fit your frame chosen.

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