Lost Teeth, Lost Storage and the Birthday Dude.

Hello creative darlings. How have you been? Hopefully safe, dry and fed. We have been doing ok here in our little nook. Keeping away from folks lol…just laying low and staying grateful. I have to say, though, times have been a bit bitter sweet too. Nothing our family can’t handle and overcome, but still…

Karla Noél • Sup?

These last several weeks, excruciating. I had massive tooth/head pain caused by a cavity in my lower left molar. The pain was otherworldly. I held on as long as I could but the pain was spreading and super fast. First came the Emergency. Which is really saying something because anyone who knows us knows we are the type to avoid the ER as much as possible. There are too many reasons to explain why but yes, I had no choice this time around. Not with the way my head was feeling. (Btw, severe tooth pain is considered an emergency. I’m no doctor but I would recommend going to the ER if you can not make a same-day appointment at your dentist office. It’s nothing to wait on. {kisses}) There I got some medicines and Magic mouthwash. Everything helped take the edge off but the problem had to go. When you thank goodness your pain level is only at an 8? Yeah…bye bye tooth. Or so I thought…

Dentist appointment came. Check-in was super quick and they called me back in, like, 20. Nurse lady asked me to take some Listerine. Done. Got escorted to the chair and the main doc comes in and asked me if I knew why I was there. I said that I did. That it was to extract the lower left molar. He nodded and then said “…and this one.” Pointing to my bottom right. “..and also this one.” Pointing to my top left. All I said was “coo.” What I was thinking was he could take them all if it would make the pain stop.

First thing I noticed when he began; he numbed differently than I was used to. He used the mirror flat thingie. At leas it felt like that was the instrument used. Rubbed it against my gums & teeth and soon I started to feel the numbness take effect. Then he went to town with the needle anesthesia. He numbed all three areas before beginning the first extraction. He started on the top left molar. Went well. Came right out, no issues there. Went to the accused tooth, the bottom left and It. Would. Not. Come. Out.

Does it hurt?

Ok, let me repeat that one more time. You see my freakin’ tooth would not come out. I’m not exaggerating…I’m not kidding…I’m not adding any sauce on this what so ever. I’m just telling it to you how it happened. So, after he let’s go to take a break, I feel my tooth wedged part of the way out, exposed and bumping up against my upper lip. I’m panting with tears trickling out of my left eye. I was also surprised to find that I had to put both legs back down on the chair as they were flailing with every pull the doc made. Besides the steady cracking of my jaw bone in medium intervals, I hear him ask me “Does it hurt?” I froze low-key thankful at the thoughtfulness and yet I couldn’t help but think it was a slightly less than intelligent question considering the current circumstances. I didn’t know what to say. Part of me though to speak “Well, now that I think about it Sir, yes. Yes is does.” The other part was thinking of all the shiz I went through waiting for this appointment and I was about to say it tickled if it meant waiting another 10 days. Instead I settled on the brave truth. I said “Yeah, but LET’S DO THIS!” At least that’s how it sounded in my mind. It sounded more like “Yerg…leyoogit!”  The nurse gave a nod as she held my hand again for support. The yanking commenced. I would say a good 4 more good tugs with tandem wiggle-pulls and that bitch was OUT! I know we three cheered but if felt like the entire building was in chorus. I have to say it was one of the best moments of my life. Then, record scratching, we had the last tooth to go. It came with flying purple colors. Out so dang fast I had to ask. So there. Yeah. Whew…

On The Mend ^_^

Today? I’m doing pretty well. My face still needs to morph back to it’s former shape but other that that, I’m doing alright ^_^ The Mister took extra good care of me. ❤︎ 


Can I say plenty of Hot Cocoa when I was healed up enough? After this picture I added 5 mini marshmallows to seal the deal, thanked him thrice and enjoyed. Oh…and I had another cup too.

It was getting a bit out of control.

While I wait for my face to catch up to my attitude…I’ve been keeping busy streamlining and organizing. I cleaned up my creative space, which simply consists of one corner of our kitchen table. It’s all I need for now.  It was getting a bit out of control with all the stuff I’ve jotted down & the projects falling all on top of each other before they could even begin. The hole situation was starting to weigh on me so I decided to only focus on one task at a time/day and streamline what I had out at arm’s reach.

Karla Noél • Journals

I took many of my books off the table. Relocated those. Planners, journals, sketchbooks…whatever it is that doesn’t serve me right now had to go. Examples would be my diary or my home planner. I do not need those out in my creative space. Instead I’m keeping out my computer, one notebook, my pen, my pencil and my tablet. That’s all. My focus today was on one project I’m working on and some Lightroom play for the first time.


Even though this picture is a melancholy representation of some of our lately, above you can see the subtle changes in comparison between the edit and the original image. I’ve been into photographing and taking video of life’s little bits. Really exploring that creative eye again. I’m one of those who doesn’t take much time on my photos really–to edit them proper. Well, at least this is a start ^_^ Funny thing, I have always had Lightroom, since 2010, and never once took the time to learn it until now. ‘And I have no idea what I’m doing lol! Right on 🙂 Anyhoo…

This photo is the last one I took outside our storage unit. We lost it on the 18th and it hit us both really hard. Yet, part of the reason we can pick up the pieces and keep going is because we are so used to losing. Sounds awful but we have lost so much over the years. Things normally people never think of losing. Anyway, this last loss almost deflated us but true to form, we keep on. Looking on the bright side we don’t have to worry about that monthly expense any longer. That and I have our Birth Certificates with us here so that’s good ^_^ One thing we always do together, is pray. That really, really helps in times like these. 

Speaking of The Mister…

Happy Birthday Daddy!

There is a very special Happy Birthday in order! I may be a bit bias, being high school sweethearts will do that to you, but I really wanted to wish my love a HUMUNGOID HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I kinda love him n’ all that stuff like that so yeah…I love you…

I believe I better go. Gotta eat some lunch and listen to dinosaur songs. Then later I might make the BD boy a cup of hot cocoa…or two ^_^ Peace.

Warm Creative Wishes, Karla

  • Gah. That sounds massively awful, except for the no-more-pain part. Hope you get some good creative tme. ♥

    • Girl thank you!!!!! I’m hoping so too! What you working on?????

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