Lately, On a Hot Day

As I’m hunkered down being Mama Bear, I’m battling the heat. It’s scorching outside, for many of us, and we’re making our way through it; in one way or another. As I’m typing, the weather report says our area should be 100 today and going up to 104 during this week. Looking at the extended forecast I don’t see any 80’s. Just 90+ Whew…well, if you’re in it like me then you’re not alone.

‘And, if you sometimes roam aimlessly around the kitchen trying to decide what your hands can do next, then you’re not alone there either. Even with all the things I have still to accomplish here on my site, or design wise or any other thing…I find myself needing to create outside of all that. I wonder if I will draw or paint or crochet something… so many glorious possibilities.

One way to beat the heat is just to stay still and create something. So, when I’m not running after the little guy I’m at the table with my journal open; writing down part of the day’s story or wetting the page to get it ready for some color. Whatever I’m in the mood for it’s always oh so satisfying

Karla Noél | Early Morning Journaling

This morning? It was painting and scribbling in my journal. No attachments or requirements. Just free flowing creativeness. That’s what I love. With some paints and a dying marker, I got down my early morning creative jitters and even posted to my social. Oh hey now!

Karla Noél | Rains Green Truck

Soon the little guy’s awake and ready to eat n’ play. This is Rain’s Green Truck and it’s one of the toys that has been with him since the beginning. It has a sister orange one, both metal and make realistic truck noises that he loves. One of the toys I allow and rather enjoy seeing on the table as I love coming across pieces of him.

Karla Noél | On a Cooler Day

Then outside we go. His favorite spot. Even though it’s pretty hot, light pants are required because we don’t do bug bites very well ^_^. Sigh…What will the rest of the day look like? So many more hours left and I’m really wanting to just lye down and daydream…about popsicles.

Gotta jet!


Warm Creative wishes, ~Karla