Solidifying your legacy while creating your world? I can help with that.

Getting the full story down is my ardent passion. Being through all that I’ve been though has really made me realize how uniquely precious our journeys are. Each not to be forgotten, we all have a duty, as storytellers, to fulfill the goal of getting our stories told. Through our experiences and the documentation of such, we will leave our priceless marks for the next to come. We have the job of documenting our life’s journey for ourselves, our loved ones and for the world. I’m here to help with that. Through teachings, my own stories and through design; I want to help your legacy become set in history with creativity—KN Style.

So will you join me? It’s one day at a time, one story after the next. Each moment is for grabs, good or not so. Let’s be open to our worlds around us. Let’s take our dailies, no matter what walk of life we’re on or mood we fall into, and forge a meaningfully beautiful path of intentional design, together.

You can take a look at the latest products I have up in the KN Marketplace , splunk around over at The Blog or simply browse my home. She’s still getting dolled up and ready for you guys so be sure to join my Newsletter. First memo due out soon and I do not you to miss a thing! enjoy – Karla